First Year:

As part of my course at Birmingham City University, I quickly learnt how to use HTML and CSS. The next step after this was to create my own professional portfolio as part of my assignment. This involved researching fonts, colour schemes, and layouts. I then had to to apply my research to my own personal needs and design the website using sitemaps, wireframes, and mood-boards. The construction came next and it turned out to be a piece of work I am incredibly proud of. Take a look below to see the finished result.

I am very proud to say that this piece of work achieved me 68%, which equates to a very high 2:1. I am incredibly happy with this mark, especially as it is my first time doing anything like this before.


Second Year:

Part of first semester assignment this year was to design a magazine. On top of this, and my photography assignment, we also had to create a cross-media product that enhanced one or both our products that we were constructing in our production modules. As both modules encompassed 2 elements of the media that I am interested in, I thought it would be good to include the third aspect, so that overall the assignment is a package of what I am able to produce. This is when I made my website.

My magazine Sound Exposure needed a platform to allow buyers to find out a bit more information about the product. Therefore, the purpose of this website is to inform viewers of further information, as well as linking them to the page they can purchase it from and social media pages to keep up with its progress during the production stages. Below you can find screenshots of the finished website that I coded using HTML and CSS.