Lucy Tibbs: Stepping into the Blogosphere...

Here goes nothing! After contemplating it for a long time, I have finally decided to create a blog on my website! At last, I hear you all beckon...

The aim is to update you all on what is going on in and around my photography business. This includes what shoots I've been doing, what I'm doing to continuously create content, and what I'm currently studying. There might even be a few tips and tricks thrown in for you along the way!

As this is my very first blog though, I thought I better introduce myself and what exactly it is I do. So this is me...

I'm Lucy Tibbs. A photographer who is currently based in Thrapston, Northamptonshire, and studying (from home) for a Master's degree in Photographing at Manchester Metropolitan University. I was based up in Manchester for 6 months but decided to move back home when COVID-19 began to threaten a lockdown. Nevertheless, I'm back home and making the most of the current situation!

I studied for my undergraduate degree at Birmingham City University, gaining a First Class degree in Media & Communications (Media Photography). I loved every minute of studying in Birmingham, spending most of my free time volunteering for local music publications, such as Indie Midlands and Counteract, photographing the live music scene on a weekly basis. I was in my element! I loved it so much that I continued to do this volunteering in Manchester, working with the national print publication, The Rodeo Magazine, and the university's, Aah! Magazine. Live performance photography became my speciality, with portraiture coming in a close second. The latter became my focal point whilst studying for my Master's, organising and conducting both studio and location shoots with artists, such as The Murder Capital and Pizzagirl. I have to say, this is the one thing I have missed doing most since Coronavirus came around.

During my 4 years of studying, I have also gained experience taking product, event, wedding, travel, sports, and more recently, still life photography. Exploring all of the different fields of photography is very exciting to me. Learning about the different approaches and improving my ability to adapt to different situations not only boosts my photography abilities but is what I really enjoy. Feel free to take a look around my website to see the different types of content I have produced over the years!

I am finishing off my Master's degree (with a small module and my final major project to go), I have taken on the role of social media manager for local business Ben's Chippy, whilst also setting up my photography business and taking online courses to develop my understanding of social media and digital marketing. After this, I will be looking for work within the media industry, whilst continuing to take on photography jobs. It's all very go, go, go! Every day is different, with new information to learn and new content to create. I love it!

So that's me! Feel free to introduce yourself on Facebook or Instagram and we can start to get to know each other. My emails are always open too!

Until next time, folks!