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'Trashion' Marketing & Promotion

March 19, 2017

For this week’s production day, we had to create a set of marketing and promotion designs that would be used as part of the magazine’s launch campaign.




The first item that I produce was a billboard that would appear in the streets. I chose the background image as one of the cover images that we were provided with, as I believe it shows a clear sense of identity in relation to the brand. My other aim was to be somewhat consistent across all the products I was producing in connection with marketing, so I went with the idea of using fashion quotes. By doing this, it firstly makes the brand noticeable and unforgettable, whilst also hinting at the general style of the brand, but also leaving people wondering exactly what Trashion is. I wanted them to be intrigued by the advert and want to find out more by searching for the company and finding the webpage I designed last week.




I kept the same font for the name of the brand to keep the consistency going. I also chose a serif font for the quote to maintain the previous aesthetic I had in the magazine and online. I also believe it makes it gives the ‘vintage’ look that Trashion want to have. Furthermore, I chose to have all the quote in small capitals, as I believe it makes it look more professional, artistic, and individualistic. These all represent the brand very clearly.


Business Card:


The second product I designed was the business cards. I decided to keep this design very minimalistic. I simply just wrote the name of the brand across the white background of the card with the intention of once again leave the audience wanting to find out more. The mock-up itself didn’t have a back to the business card design, which I didn’t mind as it retained this sense of mystery. However, if I find one in the future with a back, it would probably just include a quote on the back to keep the trend going across all the marketing products. It would also reinforce the anonymity.




Coffee Cups:


The third and final designs I produced were for coffee cups. I chose to do coffee cups, because of the target audience that the magazine is aiming to sell their product too. 18 to 30 year olds, especially those with an interest in fashion and vintage, are often known for their consumption of coffee and love of chain coffee restaurants. Therefore, I chose this as it is a product they would buy, thus making it and easy point for advertising.




I designed two different coffee cups with the intention of there being a whole line of coffee cups, all with different images and quotes on to show the diversity of the types of products featured in the magazine, as well as making each advertisement more interesting. I put all the content in the middle of layout, this would make it easier to read, as the coffee cup is obviously rounded. I thought that if I started to break the grid it might start to become confusing. However, next time I would try to experiment with this idea more, just to see what it would look like.




On these designs, I maintained the same fonts for the brand name and the quote to retain the consistency once again. I believe that this has been effective across all my products as they have a consistent brand identity.

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