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January 26, 2017


Today, I had my very first lecture for Visual Design. This included an introduction to not only my lecturer, but also what the module is about and how we will be assessed for it.  Honestly, although it was only a quick introduction, it has got me very excited to get started and get stuck in with the work.


Week by week, we will be covering different areas within the topic. For instance, next week we will be looking at typography, then after that it will be shape and form, followed by colour, grids, and then finally the production days. I am currently reading the module handbook, and it says that the production days are on magazines, multimedia, and marketing and promotion. I really can't wait to learn new skills and develop the ones I already possess. 


On top of the introduction today, we were given a map with some questions on. We had to follow the route of the map, which would take us around Digbeth, and answer the questions surrounding the buildings and different aspects of the design of them. This would be accompanied with some pictures and then we have to write about it on our blog (aka here). However, myself and my friends within the group have decided that we will be doing it at the weekend instead of today, so that we can do it in real detail and have a proper look around the area. I personally love Digbeth. I find it such a fascinating area with all of the street art, posters, and venues that are dotted around, so I'm excited to really get underneath the skin of it and find out more about its design and the place's history.


Stay tuned for the next post I have about the task, as I begin to explore the world of visual design (and Digbeth).

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