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Lucy Tibbs: Photos and Cake - Lucy's Perfect Combination!

Although deadline season is in full swing for me now, this week hasn't been too bad at all! It's been very productive that's for sure!

On Wednesday, I met up with Rishal Patel who has a travel and lifestyle YouTube channel. We went to school together and I haven't seen him since we left 4 years ago now, so it was really nice to catch up and then collaborate, creating photographs together. The intention was to provide Rishal with some content that he could use on his Instagram account, and we decided to approach the task without too much planning to give ourselves both a challenge and push our creative juices to limits. Whilst, this isn't usually how I approach my projects, it was a really interesting way to test and improve my impromptu concept creation and directing abilities. After a couple of hours of hard work, we treated ourselves to a drink to unwind. I was really happy with how the photographs came out, but also with how much Rishal said he liked the photographs. Hearing how much they boosted his confidence really made my week!

After that, the majority of my time was spent working on my assignments. With only 5 weeks left of my master's course, it's getting to the really interesting part where all of the hard work and research I've done starts to come together. At the moment, I'm feeling really positive about where my project is heading and I'm excited to create the final selection of images over the next few weeks! But that's where the majority of my time has gone this week.

I do have to mention the lovely Saturday morning I had as well though. I try and give myself the weekends off, so that I don't burn out right before my work is due in, so me and my boyfriend, Aaron headed down to Thrapston Farmer's Market.

Being based in Birmingham and Manchester over the past few years has meant that I've never really had the opportunity to go to one of their past events. However, this month we were determined to go! I'm not going to lie to you, it was mostly because we knew that The Vanilla Bean Cake Company was going to be there, so we wanted to support Lucy (and devour some of her sensational bakes!) It's a good thing that we got up nice and early because she sold out of everything in 1 hour and 30 minutes of setting up! It was brilliant to see the local community coming together to support her. She's obviously in high demand and doing extremely well for herself! I bought some bakes for my mum and she's given them a huge thumbs up, so I'd highly recommend Lucy for all your cake needs.

Whilst we were there, we also bought some preserves from Nature's Fayre's stall. They had a really good deal of 2 jars for £5 and seeing as Aaron and I both wanted one, it seemed silly not to take them up on the offer! I'm excited to try my Summer Fruits one tomorrow morning on some toast. For my first trip to the Farmer's Market, I was very impressed. Especially considering that COVID-19 is still looming. All of the stools were very professional and took the right precautions to keep us all safe and well. Roll on next month, that's what I say!

Overall, you could say it's been a pretty good week. The perfect mix of hard work and taking some time to relax. It's the start of the 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme next week, so I'm excited to start treating myself to a few more outings, whilst also supporting Northamptonshire's businesses. I'll let you know how it goes!